Sunday 2 January 2011


There's a trend in Hollywood right now to churn out remakes like there's no tomorrow, most of which are absolute shite and totally unnecessary, y'know like every horror film imaginable, old comedies which were not that good originally, and things like the Karate Kid, not to mention pointless re tellings of good European indie films totally lost in translation.

Well, it's not all bad news, here's two film re-makes coming soon, that look actually worth bothering with...
First up is a retelling of the 1947 Richard Attenborough starring 'Brighton Rock' with both being based on Graham Greene's novel - this one being set later in the 60s mod era and starring Sam Riley (Control) as Pinkie Brown, with support from Helen Mirren, Andrea Riseborough John Hurt and the always reliable Phil Davis.


And then there's the usually always reliable Coen's True Grit a remake of the John Wayne classic.
Starring Jeff Bridges in the Wayne role of 'Rooster' Cogburn, with support coming from Matt Damon and Josh Brolin. YHN

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