Wednesday 12 January 2011


If you're anything like us in age and interests then you probably loved Star Wars and Action Force nee GI Joe figures as kids, thanks to my spends, with a vivid imagination I'd disappear upstairs until a week on Tuesday with my recently acquired pocket heroes and villains. Star Wars were incredible - a whole galaxy of characters, pretty much every single one made into a four inch toy, imagine turning the bathroom into Ice Planet Hoth with nothing but loads of talc and an AT-AT walker. You see I didn't keep them pristine in the box, I ripped it open, discarded it and played with them until their limbs became loose and paint flecked off them. I enjoyed them. In the summer time the garden or Sunday drives out somewhere would double up as anywhere I could imagine, I once took Flint, Beach head, Snake Eyes and co on a mission to help find Brady and Hindley's victims in my Grandma's back garden, I was only about eight years old to be fair. As I was when I recreated Predator at the bottom of our garden.
These were my childhood, an innocent childhood, before football and then later masturbation (oo err) captured my imagination further, they still look dead familiar, still look quite cool, yeah, it's geeky, nerdy and some might say a bit sad to take pics of stuff like this, but everyone has their own interests and passions, why knock 'em? I for one am glad they do, as I can relive spiffing childhood memories at the click of a mouse. Memories I gave away for fuck all at car boot sales when owning toys was something of an embarrassment, I virtually had them all aswell, every last little one, thankfully these guys didn't give all theirs away...

Pics shamelessly nabbed via Harry Cobra's Flickr Genius!

Star Wars photos taken from the Rather Childish blog.

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