Sunday 16 January 2011


I know, I know it's still a bit cold and miserable right now, and we don't want to be discussing spring and summer wear, that said if you're anything like me then you'll probably prefer the colder months, I know, I'm fucking tapped I am, this recent mild weather we're having seems to have put paid to dressing like an old explorer when going out for a pint of milk in the morning, it seems a bit too soon.
Oh, no. Hang on it's pissing down again, huzzah!
But, before you know it, it'll be spring and you'll be eating tins of ravioli for a week because you've just spent all your money on a new jacket, then it'll be summer and you'll be sweating your bollocks off looking for a nice lightweight jacket that's acceptable even in the sun, here's a little sneaky peak at some of the forthcoming outerwear highlights from various look books and bloggers for the next selection of seasonal stuff that's caught my eye thus far. You probably don't really need another jacket, but if you're anything like me, you'll end up really needing one or two, there's probably a lot more out there too you know, as some other fave brands haven't surfaced yet. From the top: Woolrich Woolen Mills, Universal Works, Heritage Research, Barbour, Barbour Tokito, Nigel Cabourn and Engineered Garments. CD

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