Friday 25 March 2011


Here at The Casual Connoisseur we're going collaboration crazy this summer working with some of the best artists and illustrators out there to bring some cool as they come premium tees to the fore, we've kept things under our hats whilst they're coming off the drawing board, but we'll be revealing all as and when the art is polished off and on it's way.
First up is a collaboration with Yorkshire based illustrator Peter O'Toole. Who's worked with several brands, bands, clubs and publications including the NME, I-D, The Rig Out, Proper Magazine and Addict.
This commissioned design sees a sexy take on the pinup girl with a hint of street influence.
Secondly, we have worked with our good friends from Scandinavia, Our Culture, we have forged a good relationship with these suave Swedes over the last few years, this exciting collab seals that, with their ace Viking influence fusing several iconic faces from history in a really cool exclusive tee.
And, there's going to be even more, you're just going to have to watch this space...YHN

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