Monday 7 March 2011


This idea came around on our forum almost a year ago, and it's almost taken that long to finish. The creative task was originally suggested by an old forum member, and rekindled last year, for one forum member to procure a disposable camera, take one photo - of anything they wanted with no real theme, preferably out and about and not just of clothes or trainers and absolutely none of their flacid penis or anything kinky, then send it on to the next forum member who would do the same, take a photo of anything he wished and then send it on the each participating member. This would go on until the film has finished. The last person would get it developed on disk and upload the photos for us all to see.
There appears to be a smudge on the lens, which I think adds to the reality of it really.
The approximate total mileage ended up at 9250 miles. Obviously this is only approximate as exact addresses were not used in calculation, plus it's impossible to calculate exact routes to the likes of Sweden and Benidorm! but it was some effort and an impressive distance though.
That's further than London to New York and back again. Or further than London to Beijing. In fact, it's almost the same distance as England to Australia.
Sadly not all photos came out, for whatever reason several didn't work, whilst some were great others not so (including mine) but we were just glad we had something in the end, an impressive and unique idea I didn't think would ever finish. Descriptions/details to follow, perhaps...

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