Thursday 17 March 2011

KES - Criterion Release.

Excited, yes. Kes makes the Criterion cut. We here at tCC are genuine film nerds, we make no apology for that, it's a lifelong passion. Kes directed by Ken Loach - a film making hero/genius in this house, is getting the Criterion dvd treatment, if you don't know (or care) what that means, well, it's a luxury collection of some of the best films ever produced, some you'll know, others you won't, a lot of the time classics and independent films.
They get the proper treatment, cleaned up, loads of extra features and all that jazz.
Despite watching this film enough times to probably recite it, it remains probably my favourite of all time. A film I can always enjoy at any time. Based on the Barry Hines novel, a genuine good read aswell, first shown quite fittingly in school during an English lesson, I've grown to really love and appreciate the marvel of this picture, a real time capsule of old England and hope, a poignant, landmark film, with the best PE lesson in film history, ever. Look out for a screenprinted tribute to young Casper in the not too distant future, you read it here first. CD

The Criterion Collection.

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