Saturday 3 December 2011


Here's a little update of whats on the way...
This Monday sees the release of the latest edition of the Weir hat on three new colours. The 11th, 12th and 13th variant of colours no less. In an Autumn/Winter that has and will see us release over 700 hats in six different styles made in England, Scandinavia and The USA. As always in limited numbers.
On the way over the coming weeks are our new Sweatshirts, this year we have four styles ; 'Connoisseur High' a US college style sweat on cobalt, 55-75 A 'Nam themed sweat on khaki, naturally. There's a return of 'The Connoisseurs' sweat on navy which is a varsity style design based on the cult film The Wanderers and finally our 'North West of England and Beyond' sweat coming on grey.

The Acid Ramblers are coming too! A new t-shirt design and a fantastic limited edition enamel two-piece pinset which is quite simply pure aceness! In addition to those we have a restock on Life Through a Tinted Lens on Navy, Black and Bottle. We've got Northern Music restocked on Navy and two brand new colourways on white and black tees.

Full restock of The Stone Roses including a new colourway on Yellow, Madness on Sand and Royal Blue and a limited return of both Subb Casuals I and Bulldog Bobby!

COMING in the new year we have the second release of the Weirs and a new Snowflake style 'weirflake'.
Plus new tees including a re-interpretation of The Krays, some Russian revolutionary flavour, Joy Division, the winning Serpico entry (TBD) some various music genre tees, several new collaborations and plenty of works in progress, plus hopefully we'll finally see the collabo with Blamb! sorted (a long and slow production, but well worth the wait) and a tribute to the greatest ever childhood film ever made!! YHN

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