Tuesday 27 December 2011


As we approach the end of the year, here's a tribute to the famous folk who left this world in 2011. From the familiar faces, to those who were a surprise, shock and even a tragedy to see shuffle off this mortal coil so early...

Gary Ablett, footballer, manager.

Claude Choules, last surviving WW1 veteran.

Nathan Clark, designer.

Frank DiLeo, actor, agent.

Bert Jansch, musician.

Socrates, former footballer

Gary Speed, footballer/manager

Pete Postlethwaite, actor
John Walker, Musician
Elizabeth Taylor, actress
Ken Russell, director
Gerry Rafferty, musician
Clarence Clemons, AKA Big Man, musician
Randy Savage, wrestler
Henry Cooper, boxer
Charles Napier, actor
Steve Jobs, inventor
Peter Falk, actor
Peter Yates, director
Sidney Lumet, director

Bubba Smith, actor, sportsman
Mehdi Favéris-Essadi, DJ/musician
Gil Scott Heron, musician
Cynthia Myers, pinup
Nate Dogg, Musician
Ryan Dunn, Jackass
Amy Winehouse, musician
Michael Gough, actor
Tim Hetherington, photographer

John Mackenzie, film maker
Jeff Conaway, actor
John Barry, composer.
Christopher Hitchens, writer

Shelagh Delaney, screenwriter
Joe Simon, illustrator
Barry Feinstein, photographer
Joe Frazier, boxing great
Dan Wheldon, racing driver
Lloyd Knibb, musician
Poly Styrene, musician.

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