Friday 23 December 2011


Christmas Eve tomorrow, already?
We knew it was coming but it's come around all too quickly once again, we've done a fair few hats this year, over seven hundred, in several different styles in fact, and the rest of those are on the way! You may have seen the one off stockist special edition we did this week with Ran and Distant Echo, these didn't hang about we've had one or two people ask about that hat, there's half of the order on it's way to Moscow via Casual Clothing and Proudheart, you may or may not get a chance to nab one online.
Fear not, the second round of Weir (4.2) in three new colours will be available in the New Year and previews up soon. As will this excellent Weirflake design in white and brown released post Christmas and limited to just 50 per colour as usual. CD

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