Tuesday 10 January 2012


Yes, it's been a mad, mad year just gone, especially the last few months. Most releases consistently sold out in double quick time, we're not ones for blowing our own trumpets but it's been pretty amazing and overwhelming at times really! Thankfully we've not really had to do the whole January sale thing this year either, but we are a little thin on the ground right now, but fear not - we have an abundance of new product on the way... There's been lots of planning and producing behind the scenes since the back end of summer and as always it's great seeing ideas and sketches finally come to fruition.
Last week saw the launch of the new Weirflake hat, as always a limited edition of 100 hats - split over 2 colours, which once again arrived and sold out in well under an hour! We also released some snazzy Jotters and didn't expect them to sell out in just a day at all, which was crazy. We've should have secured a small restock of those and hat wise the second release of the Weir 4.2 is just ten days away, then that's yer lot for another 12 months! We've started planning ahead now and have a wealth of ace graphic tees on the way, already we can preview some now as well as others aplenty still to come, some are still on the drawing board.
Each one totally different from the other as always. We'll revisit one of our first ever tees from way back when with a brand spanking new super cool edition of the Ultraviolence tee. We've got a splendiferous tee from everyone's favourite cult childhood film The Goonies, some Russian Revolutionary flavour designed in Moscow, a new Joy Division tee paying homage to their debut album recorded right here on our own doorstep in sunny Stockport, 1979. Despite releasing over 750 hats in recent months there's some more on the way still too, with another splendid bit of tweed inspired by a cinematic masterpiece, we've also wangled a re-stock of the Villain and after selling out of The Næss bucket hat in deepest autumn we'll be redoing that for the summer months, perfect headwear for a certain summer music event.
One thing many have pestered us about over the last year is a substantial jacket, of course this has always been part of the plan. These things cannot be rushed into, our designer-in-chief knows a thing or two about classic outerwear, so we want to get our first stab at a parka just right, all we can say is watch this space, we're currently at a pre-production stage, and funnily enough, excuse the metaphor, but Connoisseur coats are just like buses, you wait ages for one...
We have lots in the pipeline including some possibilities we cannot yet talk about except to say they'd be carrying on the collab theme from last year. What we can do is give you a preview of just some of what's ahead. The Woodbank 2 went silly quickly last year so soon we'll be offering a new polo, this one tying in a Parisian student uprising twist! It'll also coincide with a tee on the same theme. Later on as summer approaches they'll be a new short sleeve polo with Neapolitan flavour! Bright pastel colours for walking the English Rivera, strolling around Gay Paree or in a beer garden in Grimsby. fingers crossed they'll be topped off (or rather bottomed) with some tailored shorts we're in the very early stages of sorting. We'll see. YHN

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