Saturday 14 January 2012


Well, aside from watching Bullseye as a kid and chucking the odd arrow in a pub whilst pissed, darts hasn't really been something we've gone crazy for, I'm not for one moment proclaiming to be some armchair darts fan, as I'm far from it. This years BDO World Championships caught our attention though, and we got a little hooked towards the end as local lad and regular Stockport County fan Tony 'Silverback' O'Shea battled his way into the final, it was actually quite gripping viewing and refreshing to see an old school British sporting institution going well and everyone having a ball, there were some real characters involved in the game, eclipsed only by some quite unintentionally hilarious folk in the crowd. 'WWE meets Jeremy Kyle' to quote our chums from Proper Mag. Unlucky big man, keep the faith. CD

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