Monday 23 January 2012


Last Autumn we announced our first 'creative competition' in which someone got to design a new official released t-shirt. The brief for this one was a Serpico themed tee. We had quite a few entries and all in their own way great and worthy of a new tee, but we could only choose one winner. After a long and difficult deliberation we decided minty's entry was the one, However it was Welsh artist Minty who caught our eye the most with his entry - an original oil painting and a real mix of the connoisseur ethos of an iconic image with it's own twist and quirk was the one.
We'd like to say thankyou to all who took their time out to send in a design and commiserations to the other entrants. Minty's design wins the first creative and will be going into production as an official release over the coming months for sale. Check out the winning design. YHN

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