Friday 2 November 2012


Today we release the next installment of our ongoing series of little men, by popular demand! The 'Dapper Dandies', a two piece 80's inspired set featuring the classic Benetton rugby shirt, split jeans and Borgs. With a Burberry harrington and titfer with Trimm Trab combo.New pin badges released. 
Next up we have a collaboration with our Swedish brothers Our Culture, from Stockport to Stockholm, great friendships have been forged over the last few years, we've done the tee, the hat, even the tattoo! Now it's the pin badge set. OUT SOON.
Lastly, the 'Hooded Hoolies', featuring the classic Goretex Trango, cords and suede shoes, with an urban protector complete in his CP Metropolis jacket and deadstock Puma Bluebirds. COMING SOON. YHN

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