Monday 26 November 2012


So it's that time of year when it goes a bit hat crazy here at Connoisseur, in particular with the Weirs.
This year is no exception with lots of emails and questions coming in thick and fast.
As with the last few years the hats will be arriving in separate batches and the first two new colourways are due for release this FRIDAY at 7pm!
First up is the black, yellow, white colour and the blue, yellow, grey colours.

There's also the below special Stockist Exclusive edition which is en route to the following stores : Ran, Distant Echo, Proudheart, Closer, New Fangle and CasualClothing - Russia
In addition to the above there's also two special edition hats that are already causing a bit of a stir worldwide. The Black Lodge and The Overlook hats (below) will also be hitting the store shortly with a release planned for early December, exact date and time to be confirmed so watch the site, twitter, facebook and here for updates! with a small number of these also going to selected stockists too.

As always the hats are produced in 50 per colour, never the same colourway twice, highly limited edition and Made in England to boot.

AND finally... you may have noticed our new webstore is now fully active and online, after a few problems with the last checkouts we hope this one will be able to cope with the onslaught of the big releases, so far it's done okay on the last few, but if demand and hits are extreme then it's a safe bet to be prepared for the meltdown!
We've listened to feedback and one was the inability to make multi purchases one area we wanted to change, (ie you had to buy now and checkout more than once) the new store has the facility of being able to add to cart and checkout with several items at once.
BUT be warned especially with product like the hats where there is big demand, merely adding to cart will not secure you an item, only once you've gone through and checked-out will it mean your order is processed. Whilst you can add something to cart it will still be available to be purchased if you're not quick! 
As we always say fastest fingers first! YHN

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