Tuesday 20 November 2012


Now then, here's a little update on the forthcoming Weir release, as the weather turns colder we're starting to get inundated with questions and queries about when the new hats are arriving online. As with the last couple of years, the hats will be released in separate batches, with no few than seven different colourways this year, thats right there's an extra one this time! As always the hats have been produced in strict limited numbers right here in England and it should be noted; this year they've been tweaked to the original shape following one or two of last year's seemingly getting ever so slightly pointy.

The first batch of the 'Weir 5' are scheduled to be online by the end of this month.
There's also two very special edition's this year as you may have already seen. The Black Lodge and the Overlook hats inspired by two great cults - Twin Peaks and The Shining.
PLUS as we did last season - there's also a Stockist Exclusive which are heading out to them over the course of the next week or so, so watch out for details.
As always these are strictly limited to just 50 per colour. YHN

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