Monday 15 April 2013


Now then we have another batch of the Massimo Osti Heat Reactive tees, going up at 7pm which includes the new purple-pink colour. An amazing commission by Manchester illustrator Ben Lamb (Levis, Oi Polloi, Sperry) on an amazing heat-reactive t-shirt as the ultimate tribute to the God of sportswear and innovation in clothing. Limited in numbers but there's more coming if you miss out!

Also, we've been asked many times over the years to release a set of our famous button badges, these have always been sent out with each order, over the years we have done probably hundreds of designs, from parody's of famous corporate logos in our own inimitable style, to complete shameless nerd chic! We picked 5 original designs from a twist on British Rail, The Campaign for Real Ale, Paris student riots '68 to the Don himself and a nice bit of philosophy.TC

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