Monday 22 April 2013


This year saw our second collaboration with tuktuk to release three new shirt styles.
Using our own created block as of all our previous shirt releases we released The Bunyan, The Carter and The RegencyHere we take a closer look at what inspired the Regency shirt...

The name was one we couldn't decide on, but in the end a recent visit to the namesake famous old 'caff in Pimlico swayed it. The Regency is a 1940's well preserved authentic cafe with it's striking Art Deco exterior that's been used in film and TV including the remake of Brighton Rock and of course Layer Cake.
That's right, the shirt - a large red gingham check, is inspired by the old greasy spoons of old and further afield a certain fictional mob hangout which has also had as big an influence as some of the outfits' expanding waistlines.
Satriale's Pork store from the greatest TV show of all time, The Sopranos.

There's still a few of these greasy spoon -cum-New Jersey crime family shirts left, grab one while you can! TC

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