Wednesday 13 February 2013


We could jabber on about recontextualising the iconic image from Dexy's masterful debut LP, but the top; bottom of it is that the genesis of this idea has been around for some time. Curva Nord was started by Los Tres Amigo's - Phil Thornton, Andy Bird and Ste Connor back in the mid noughties - 2 'collections' were issued to varying degrees of success but the label then went into an extended hibernation. Sometime round last summer our paths crossed with a number of likeminded individuals, not least The Casual Connoisseur chaps during the course of a couple of 'meetings' over a few ales, the idea of awakening the slumbering label from it's hiatus was mooted. Here with the CC x CN 'Still Searching.....' tee shirt are the first fruits of what is hoped will be an ongoing collaboration.
The image was taken from a 1980 poster for Dexy's "Young Soul Rebels" Tour, rather than the album sleeve and has been cheekily fiddled with to include a Head bag (and Three Stripes on his case) under the urchin's right arm, as a nod to the early 80's pioneers - be they scallies/perry boy's/dressers/casuals - chosen luggage for acquiring then conveying their mostly ill-gotten gains across the UK and Europe. As Kevin Rowland so eloquently put it, to all those phoney charlatans out there "So shut your fucking mouth till you know the truth........." SC

Available at 7pm here : CC x Curva Nord

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