Tuesday 19 February 2013


Dance At My Party. One of the original tees we did when we first started out 'this thing of ours' and one that did well enough to help this little brand on our way was our tribute to one of our favourite films; a back to the drawing board retort from Shane Meadows who'd become disillusoned with the studio interference on his last film that he went back to basics with Dead Mans Shoes. Working closely with his friend and actor Paddy Considine the result was a superb film that quickly gathered a cult following.

In 2006 we released a homage "Dance at My Party", some years later we decided a reinterpretation was the order of the day and regular cohort and friend Peter O'Toole was charged with the task of creating a fresh take on the original.
And here it is. Available this evening on Red, White and Khaki T-Shirts. TC

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