Monday 11 February 2013


Now then, after what seems like an age (a couple of months) This week we should finally receive full size quotas of our next new tee releases: Dance At My Party, Curva's Connoisseur and the Massimo Osti homage which comes on the special heat changing colour magic tees and for the less zesty a nice monochrome version.
The plan is to get the stock online as soon as we get them, with the Dead Man's Shoes tee and Curva collabo likely to be first online later this week!
Given we've had approximately 100,007 emails about the last run of those Overlook and Black Lodge hats and just when they'll be online again - it makes sense to stick a little update up on here. As stated the hats are due with us early-mid Feb and they're on course for an imminent arrival.
You'll be updated with advance warning of a date and time.
So please be sure to watch for announcements on here and the social networks! TC

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