Wednesday 20 February 2013


Now then, it's not often we'll plug a t-shirt that's not one of our own, but stop and listen a second... Firstly it's a tee done by our illustrator mukka Mr O'Toole and secondly and rather importantly it's for a good cause!

Xpress is a new voluntary awareness campaign and exclusive charity album featuring The Strokes, The Libertines & Reverend and the Makers....
Xpress, directed by Manchester based Quenched Music, is a creative cross platform project to raise awareness of suicide prevention charity, CALM. The Campaign Against Living Miserably and to encourage men to express themselves through the creative arts. CALM (Registered Charity 1110621) was established in 1997, with help from industry legend Tony Wilson, to tackle the issue of male suicide, currently the single biggest killer of men under 35 in the UK.
You can check out the project at Xpress Official and if you're feeling generous, support the crowd funding campaign at INDIE GOGO with a donation. This will go towards making the physical album reality, from which all profit goes directly to CALM.

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