Sunday 20 April 2014


One of our best highlights of last year and a real pleasure and privilege was to be acquainted with our sister from Elista, an honoury member of Team CC. 
Danja, from Russia first came over to work with us and Peter O'Toole on a shoot and new collaborative projects last summer. 

The internet makes the world a small place, whilst that can have it's downside it's also brilliant too - we've met new friends from all over the globe via the world wide web, as well as dear old Blighty, from Stockholm, Berlin, Dublin, Porto, Hanover, Japan and now Russia to name a few. And what a joy to meet such a well turned out young lady. Danja who online will be well known from Instagram by her moniker mille_miglia from the famous CP jackets she's partial to, of course is rather 'famous' herself. 
Danja is now a bona-fide Connoisseur, cementing our friendship and indeed our working relationship we've met up again twice and done several shoots together. As well as working on some future projects and ideas. Danja continues to play an integral role in assisting us with our working relationship with Russia too, which includes some forthcoming authentic Russian t-shirt designs with independent designers Outskirts and Drei Striefen Madness. 
As well as being a cool girl she's also an avid collector of clothing and pretty savvy when it comes to all things casual. For those who say girls can't be 'dressers' we say what nonsense and she's the proof.  
Это было очень приятно встретить нашего нового друга, и вот к долгой дружбы вместе. Бог благословит Даня!

Here's a few words from Danja herself...

"First encounter with The Casual Connoisseur was in 2007. I remember myself an 18 year old girl  watching, with open mouth staring at the pictures, clothes and website design. Being a student I did not have much money, I could not even buy a t-shirt! And then even more the weirs, which were sold out very quickly! What's more, I have always been delighted with the CC girl models. Shocking, bold but stunning pictures - if one had told me once I would be one in future - probably i'd have laughed to his face. But in a few years,  Peter O'Toole  met me over the internet and immediately offered to illustrate me in the 'Thing of Ours' style, later he showed the СС lads a picture and even suggested to make a t-shirt in collaboration with me . Until recently I did not believe in the reality of this idea, but as you can see, a t-shirt, created by CC and me is on sale in few days! 
The real pleasure was to visit Peter, Tom and Dan in the North and meet in real life. They proved to be very kind and caring cool guys and all my stay there was called  "Danja in Wonderland!" :).
I want to thank them and I hope our relationship will not end on this ! "

As always, we do what we like here at CC towers and that old adage we always say, 'that would look good on a t-shirt, that' rang true when we photographed her portrait. Our collaborative tee  fittingly snapped in her in her namesake coat taking a breather on an old Chesterfield armchair. Going online on Tuesday 22 April, 7pm (GMT) after the Easter weekend, it went to several stockists before our release and sold out quick, so they might not hang around. TC

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