Friday 25 April 2014


Today we release our own Capandula jacket with 6876, this is certainly one of favourite jackets of all time, it has to be. I cannot think of many others where we've bought the same thing in every colour and fabric we could find. Same, but different, a modern classic. The Capandula takes it's name from a Corsican nature reserve and it's fair to say it's 6876's signature piece.
OK, corny I know, but they say never meet your heroes, well, we've actually worked with one of ours in 6876's Kenneth Mackenzie, someone we've followed and admired for many years. It's been both a pleasure and a great experience for us to be part of this (not to mention a great step forward for our little label) The 'Black Project' - in which we get the chance to release our own take on this famous coat, along with our good friends from Sweden Our Culture. It's high end, it's premium, it's just spot on. Coming in black (obviously) this Ventile edition is the twelve and I think third in that colour, but the nicest black one yet. Made in the North of England with the Ministry of Defence, with high performance L24 Ventile® 2005 Gsm, featuring taped seams, waterproof zips. Perfect standing out whilst blending in.

Released April 25th in limited numbers. Black Project Capandula. DC

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