Tuesday 15 April 2014


Now then, lot's of goings on here at CC HQ. As you might be able to tell on the shop we've been working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring a bunch of new product out. Over the coming weeks there'll be t-shirts a-plenty, as always each one as different to the next.  We've also got a selection of new prints being added soon too. PLUS as we continue to progress this little brand we've got some ACE new shorts on the way, made in Portugal with Newfangle just like our equally awesome Union II shirts, these will probably be gone as fast as they were! We've got our collaborative Black Project Capandula with 6876, another round of quality shirts with tuktuk, not to mention some cord, yes cord shoes with Veras and as well as Round Two of Curva Nord, we've also joined forces to bring back Rather Not Say for a limited edition collection. We're continuing to seek new ideas, designs and new products for the future including some more rather interesting collaborations. 
Sometimes you might forget about the blog with the social networks being that bit quicker and instant but it's always worth checking here for more detailed updates. As technology continues to evolve it's probably instagram for the first previews, so if you're not following us get involved and follow us on instagram.com/casualco. On instagram we do have quite a few comments asking when? How much? and where? 
As always it's shop.casualco.com product is either live and ready to go (unless it sells out quickly) or it's coming soon and where possible the date and details are on there. TC

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