Monday 6 August 2012


Yesterday would have marked the 48th birthday of Adam Yauch AKA MCA. Who's sad and untimely death in May shook the music world. Yauch who as well as being a funding member of the Beastie Boys was also a film director, directing many of the Beastie's influential videos under the pseudonym 'Nathanial Hörnblowér' and setup his own independent film production and distribution company Oscilloscope Laboratories, as well as being a human rights activist was also a practising buddist and was an important part of the Tibetan independence movement. Creating a charity and organising concerts to help with Tibetan independence.
The second Connoisseur Creative was to design a Beastie Boys tee with a tribute to the memory of MCA and for a donation from each sale going to a relevent cancer charity.
We received thirteen entries for the Design a Beastie Boys tee all told, each one as different as the next.
For this competition we decided to let it go to the public vote with just shy of 3000 votes being cast.
After initial steady voting on each entry it became a three way battle with the Italian trio's hand drawn piece pitting itself against Peter O'Toole's Adam Yauch tribute and John C's citrus infused 'No sleep 'til Brooklyn'. Eventually it became a two horse race between the latter and in the end the public decided our own resident artist Peter O'Toole's piece was the deserved winner coming out on top perhaps most fitting with the tee being a tribute to Adam.

Congratulations to Peter.
We'd like to thank each and every submission for taking time out to get creative, it's great seeing all the different entries, commiserations to those who missed out and better luck with the next one.
The winning tee will be going into production over the coming month or so, you'll hear the next update here, so check back soon. YHN

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