Friday 10 August 2012


Casuals : Football, fighting and fashion. The story of a terrace cult.
Author Phil Thornton is set to release a tenth anniversary (time flies eh?) of his cult book, there have been many written but this is the definitive tome to this thing of ours, the Casual bible if you like. Written with enough fact and wit to keep you enticed from cover to cover, as oppose to tall tales of six lads leathering six hundred and coming home in one piece. Not a great deal has changed since it's original release, though I'd argue it's as relevant today as it was then, that ten year thing, labels coming and going, and then coming back again - full circle and all that.

Having met up with Phil last month, it was a genuine pleasure to be asked for some involvement on this one, Saturday gone we made the small jaunt down the Mersey, had a brew and a bevvie, chewed the fat and wandered over to Wigg Island for a shoot looking over to Fiddler's Ferry powerplant for that authentic moody northern backdrop.

Planned for a release next year, it's one to keep an eye out for. In the meantime Phil has contributed to our pals new 'zine Stand AMF and you should check out Swine and Magnetic North if you haven't already. CD

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