Thursday 30 August 2012


Stand AMF is a new fanzine by some clued up like-minded chaps, it's genuinely great to see the first copy of this land on the doormat. An idea which was sparked on our forum less than two months ago has made it to full print and it looks fantastic. There's some very good articles and contributions from some great lads. Hopefully it'll gain some momentum and grow as both a mag and a movement we're glad to have helped with. Get on it here.

Our local pals at Proper Magazine have just released issue 12 of the lifestyle mag, with lots of nice content, Hikerdelic being the theme in this A/W edition, including Massimo Osti, Hickorees Hard Goods and Paninaro, with contributions from Phil Thornton and Cathal Mcateer. Well written and as always tongue in cheek and not so God-damn serious. Get it here.

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