Wednesday 22 August 2012


It is with great pleasure we announce the release of this years first shirt offerings, working with the established Tuktuk brand we have combined forces with his expertise and knowledge along with the block we designed last year, to hand pick three very different shirts.
East meets West, with nice subtle branding, button down collar, box pleat, really nice fabric, a flattering tailored fit, three utility pockets on two, and Mother of Pearl buttons on the other.
All come finely packaged, carded and pinned as they would from a tailors. I love it when a plan comes together as Hannibal from the A Team would say!

'Raoul' is a fantastic handpicked psychedelic pattern, a bit mod, a lot Fear and Loathing. Features a two inch button down collar, two chest pockets with button flap, box pleat and locker loop and Mother of Pearl buttons. Only branding is on the inner neck label, less is more, the devil is in the detail. 'Raoul' is a bit like your favourite Grandma's old curtains, or maybe a Wild Turkey fuelled acid trip which we think sounds cooler, this shirt takes name an inspiration from the Good Doc's alter ego Raoul Duke.

Next up we have a 'fruity' flannel check in vivid shades of manly pink! Also features a button down collar, locker loop and box pleat and three utility pockets including the tiny hem pocket for your Connoisseur Zippo/Everton mints. We've called this one 'Richardson' as it reminds us of something the zany (and fruity) photographer Terry Richardson might wear whilst taking pics of oily pornstars.

Last but by no means least, this is a multi coloured hand woven Madras check, with button down collar and three utility pockets as per the above. As you've probably guessed we like to give everything we do a name, so we're going to call this one 'Ray' as it has that South of the border feel to it and reminds us of one Mr Winstone wore in Nil By Mouth whilst shouting the word c*nt an awful lot.
Released 10:00am Thurs 23rd from both ourselves and Tuktuk, highly limited we don't think these will hang around for long. YHN

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