Sunday 19 August 2012


This week we received the Fujiko Mine doll from our boys way out East at Closer in Osaka, Japan. This is from the long standing Manga series Lupin III, as you can tell, she's a saucy little bugger. It'll go nicely on the mantle piece, cooler than a Clarice Cliff!

One of the biggest highlights of this thing we do are the people we meet and mix with. Forging friendships far and wide has been a genuine pleasure, whether it's like-minded lads, manufacturers or agents it's all part of the learning curve for us and making new contacts as we expand our brand. Be it Moscow or New York, Stockholm, Hannover or Berlin we've built up a cool network, not least a couple of new teams results to follow.

Often when we deal with someone we'll exchange the odd gift or memento, 'send us something uniquely Swedish, German, American or Japanese....and we'll send you something from these shores' we'll say and it's kind of become a little trend. Snus from Stockholm, Beer from Hannover, beermats from Chicago, English made clothing from Trickett, Tee and 'Ghetto' shopper from Berlin, original old style cigarettes from Moscow etc
A nice little collection has built up now...until we drink it or smoke it that is, not intended as any kind of ego massage, au contraire! If anything we're sharing and spreading the love. CD

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